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Take a look at our menu and you’ll see that Willy Taco® is an eco-friendly concept with Atlas Organics – but what the heck does that mean? Well here it is….

Even before we opened our doors in the fall of 2013, Willy Taco® made the decision to be as environmentally friendly as possible!  We partnered with Atlas Organics to divert over 90% of our waste from landfills through composting and recycling. So what happens to leftover tacos and tortas and tequila, if there is any? Every day the Willy Taco® team separates all organic waste – prep scrap like avocado peels and pineapple rinds and those few morsels folks leave on their plates – to be collected by Atlas Organics and taken to a compost facility where it’s processed into a useable, nutrient rich soil amendment. Who knew you could recycle food?

In addition to organic waste, almost all packaging is recycled. Empty beer, tequila, and coke bottles and cans, cardboard boxes, and all other recyclable items are handled responsibly – not just thrown in the trash. And we’ve taken extra steps to make sure all our waste can be composted or recycled by using compostable paper products and other wares. After recycling and composting, there’s hardly any trash left to go to a landfill, making Willy Taco® a zero waste facility.

Working together, Atlas Organics and Willy Taco® are placing a new emphasis on sustainable practices in restaurants in the Upstate and making a difference. So share our love for Mother Earth and – yo! Go GREENgos!